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About 17 years ago a week before I got married I had a breakout of vaginal ulcers and after the doctor tested me he said I had herpes. My ex-husband didn't show any signs of having it at the time and never did during our marriage. Since getting this I have had maybe 10 times that I can remember that I have had maybe one ulcer or sore areas but never an actual breakout. When I started getting sore I used the Zovirax ointment and it took care of the issue. I am on no medicine to prevent and of course divorced now. How do I know if I have type 1 or 2 and do I need to go on medication?

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Apr 14, 2010
  • Posted on Apr 14, 2010


    HSV-1 is genital herpes about 5-10% of the time. HSV-2 is genital herpes 90-95% of the time. If you have genital herpes the chances or that the virus... For detail, click here

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