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I learned I have herpes a few months ago. If I wear crotchless latex panties, will my partner still need to wear a condom

  • This is really stressing me out. with latex crotchless panties on and a female condom inserted, would my partner still need to wear a condom.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 19, 2017
  • Posted on Aug 24, 2017


    Herpes is a virus of the skin.Herpes is spread by coming in direct skin-to-skin contact with the virus. A condom acts as a protective barrier to preve... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Jan 16, 2018


    Wear a condom, take daily valtrex/suppression therapy. These are the 2 best ways to REDUCE the likelihood of spreading Herpes. Since herpes is SKIN to SKIN, a condom will not cover your entire genital region hence there's still a risk of passing it on. Again, covering and suppression therapy are a double method to decrease the likelihood but not eliminate the possibility.

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