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I am dating a man who is non positive for Herpes 2. How long does it take for my anti viral to take effect in my body before we start having sex with condoms of the best protection of him? Thank you.

  • I have Herpes 2. I have only had this for one year, but have not had any outbreaks to use the anti viral meds daily‚Ķso at this point I am taking them daily as I am dating a man who is negative for the virus. I just don't know how quickly it helps the body. So after how long can we have safer sex with condoms? A week? Month? of taking the meds? Cynthia

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 28, 2016
  • Posted on Sep 10, 2016


    If you have any questions about how medication works it's best to ask the doctor who prescribed you the medication directly. If medications like Valtr... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Aug 29, 2016


    Unfortunately even using both these forms may not help 100% of the time. Taking herpes treatment and using condoms can help reduce the risk of giving your partner herpes.
    There is also strong evidence that barrier methods of contraception such as condoms, can have a strong impact on the spread of the virus. It is worth noting that condoms are much more effective at preventing male to female infections than female to male infections.

    It has been estimated that a combination of daily medication and condoms can cut the risks of herpes transmission by up to 75%.
    Please note: Your partner could even contract this virus during your pro dome stage or shedding ( pre sores - outbreak) So you need to inform your potential partner about this and let them decide if they are willing to take the risk.
    There is NO 100% guarantee that he will not contract this disease not matter how diligent you are being.
    I speak from experience : My husband contracted it after three yrs married and practicing safe sex.
    One thing to remember : Herpes is not a death sentence ---ONLY and inconvenience.

  • Posted on Aug 29, 2016

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    Even with you taking the Meds he is never safe without a condom. You will frequently have HOT times internally, if he has sex with you without a condom and comes out RED you just gave it to him. that's how mine started.

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