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If I was to give someone head how likely an I going to get hsv 1 or 2 ?

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 08, 2016
  • Posted on Aug 14, 2016


    If a partner with oral herpes performs oral sex on you the chances aren't high herpes will spread. HSV-1 is oral herpes over 90% of the time. HSV-1 sp... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Aug 12, 2016


    I completely agree with everything LHC has detailed, the only thing I'll add is that I also have HSV1(I'm really quite the catch...) having said, I never ever get cold sores. It's so damn hard with this all because it's such an inexact science with many variables. Good luck

  • Posted on Aug 11, 2016


    Thanks for responding so Large H Collider help me understand this

    if I have hsv1 oral only and my partner has hsv1 oral and genital, can I get hsv1 genital from them ?

  • Posted on Aug 10, 2016


    I am new to this site and a good part of my reasoning for joining was to better my knowledge regarding hsv1 & 2. With that said your answer is confusing to me. I've heard so many conflicting information. So what is it, the risk of contracting hsv 1 or 2 is low during oral sex. If that is the case, why do people have hsv1 located in the genital region ?

  • Posted on Aug 10, 2016

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    Bugleboy is right when he says HSV2 is rarely contracted orally. However if someone with HSV1 orally gives head to someone that has never contracted HSV1 there's a good chance that HSV1 will be contracted genitally by the non-carrier. From all the research I've done given I've never contracted HSV1 orally (approx 80% of the population has) I could very well get a whole other kind of herpes genitally if someone that gets coldsores goes down on me.

    Conversely, someone with HSV1 genitally could give me HSV1 orally through oral sexual contact.

  • Posted on Aug 09, 2016


    Hi, can only comment on my personal experience. I have HSV2, before going into a relationship I went to the local sexual health clinic for advice on general precautions. The advice I had was that "it didn't like the mouth" indicating that herpes via oral was low risk. I was with that woman for five years, never had protected oral sex but always protected vaginal sex, never any transmission which I glad of, particularly as we broke up. We know this definitively because my ex was prone to UTIs, so each time these occurred her GP did a sexual health check. I'd qualify this by saying that we were both in our 40s, so I can't possibly say what role hormones play in all of this. Good luck.

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