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I tested positive for HSV2 but never had any symptoms or outbreaks. If I have sex with someone who had an outbreak, will I get an outbreak as well?

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 05, 2016
  • Posted on Aug 13, 2016


    Seem you never had any signs or symptoms of HSV-2 you most likely took the herpes blood test. The herpes blood test doesn't detect the actual herpes v... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Aug 06, 2016


    Sex is discouraged during an outbreak. Shedding is at a high when you have an ob. This is to reduce transmission. Even with both people being positive. But you already have it, so the answer is no. You already have antibodies built up and you can't get "re-infected". That is if your partner has type 2 as well. Everyone is different, some people are asymptomatic, that would be you, with no symptoms, and others have more frequent ob's. The virus affects everyone differently. So again, you won't get an ob because they have one, but friction from sex can cause an ob, for some people.

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