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Is there a cure for herpes?

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Jul 31, 2016
  • Posted on Aug 05, 2016


    There isn't a way to cure herpes.As of march, 2016 a vaccine called GEN-003 is in phase II trail. The amount of herpes lesions and viral shedding redu... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Aug 12, 2016

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    The only way to test for it is antibodies through a blood test so even if you think you're cured there's no way of knowing for sure because the only way to test for it is if you have antibodies in your blood

  • Posted on Aug 06, 2016


    NO. There are no cures for Herpes. Save your money. There are 3 drugs on the market that can minimize the symptoms and even decrease the frequency of outbreaks. They require a prescription. Hope this helps.

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