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My girlfriend has low grade HPV, type 14

  • My girlfriend has low grade HPV, type 14,right now she is getting the genital wart treatment, her doctor suggested me to have Gardasil shot because if I do cunnilingus on her there is a possibility of throat cancer. Until now I have only did it once to her, and it was for 10-15 minutes at most. - First question is, do you think getting the shot is really necessary for me in this situation, I always used a condom during intercourse and only did cunnilingus to her once (im a 22 y/o guy) ? -Second question is after she gets the treatment, is it safe to do cunnilingus on her ? -Third question is, if its still not safe to do cunnilingus on her after her treatment, can I do it after I get the first shot of Gardasil ? or should I not do it until after the third shot ?

    Asked by Anonymous in HPV Apr 29, 2015
  • Posted on May 01, 2015


    The HPV vaccine is offered to adults age 26 or under who hasn't been exposed to HPV. The vaccine reduces the chance of getting a genital wart outbreak... For detail, click here

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