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Does HPV go "dormant" or does the body fully clear it?

  • My former partner had HPV (we were together almost 4 years). I have read numerous places that in 90% of cases, the body "clears" it. Does this mean it goes into dormancy, or that the body actually eliminates it? (that is, I am no longer a carrier, OR that I can no longer spread it?) Also, I read that HPV can be transmitted via groin etc. Can it be spread through fingers? (Ex.: if a woman has HPV, if a man touches her vagina w/ his hands).

    Asked by Anonymous in HPV Apr 11, 2014
  • Posted on Apr 13, 2014


    According to the Center for Disease Control if an individual hasn't had genital wart outbreaks for two or more years there is a 90% chance the human b... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Apr 17, 2014


    Can men be tested to see if they still have HPV?

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