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what are the first symptoms that one is going to experience

  • everything is normal except my energy is down

    Asked by Anonymous in HIV Mar 19, 2014
  • Posted on Mar 21, 2014


    The symptoms of HIV vary from person to person. There are situations where a person with HIV doesn't experience symptoms of months. The symptoms of HI... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Jun 18, 2014

    Rob******* Photo Verified

    I had felt run down and felt like I had a flu or some kinda something. It almost lasted a whole week, which led me to check and see what the dr thought he got a few blood samples and checked me neck arms and groin for swelling of the lymph nodes and that was the clue he needed he gave some mild pain meds, and a antibiotic then about 2 days later informed of hiv

  • Posted on Mar 28, 2014


    i have been positive for 14 years syptoms at all not even a bad cold....i feel great

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